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augmented intelligence (AI)

Augmented intelligence(AI) is a term that combines artificial intelligence(AI) with human intelligence, enhancing and expanding human interpretive capabilities and abilities.

In augmented intelligence, computers are connected to the human brain using artificial intelligence through a brain- computer interface, Brain Computer Interface( BCI), thereby supporting and augmenting human intelligence. Through augmented intelligence, computer results can speed up and make human decisions more accurate. For example, in healthcare, where apps evaluate patients' health data in seconds, making it easier for treating physicians to make treatment decisions.

Augmented intelligence is especially alternativeless when huge amounts of data are available that cannot be collected and analyzed by humans. Therefore, applications with Big Data are particularly suitable for processing with augmented intelligence. With it, corresponding data volumes can be captured, analyzed by computer and the analysis results made available to the user for his evaluation. Data analysis can be supported by various mathematical algorithms, cognitive learning and artificial intelligence.

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