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ambient intelligence (AmI)

Ambient Intelligence (AmI), like Pervasive Computing, is a vision in which people are surrounded by networked devices that adapt to their needs. Ambient Intelligence devices are divided into stationary, nomadic, and autonomous devices.

The stationary devices are low-cost consumer devices with high computing power, up to several tera operations per second (TOPS). Low power consumption is also a criterion for ambient intelligence stationary devices. In this context, they are referred to as milliwatt nodes.

The nomadic devices are mobile devices of the highest power that operate autonomously through their own supply. These wirelessly operating devices are broadband and support personal broadband communications. This could include security-related functions as well as personal biometric and health data.

The third category ofautonomous devices includes autonomous wireless transducers that have their own power supply and operate over their lifetime. In ambient intelligence, these miniature devices monitor and control the environment and establish ad hoc networks as needed. They are directly connected to the sensors and actuators.

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