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advanced persistent denial of service (APDoS)

DoS attacks, Denial of Service (DoS), have become increasingly sophisticated. While classic DoS attacks put servers out of action through overloads such as mailbombing, DDoS attacks are based on computer connections via botnets and Distributed Reflective Denial of Service ( DRDoS) attacks, via third parties using false Internet addresses.

Another DoS attack technique is APDoS, which stands for Advanced Persistent Denial of Service (APDoS). APDoS attacks attack all layers of the IT infrastructure: the network, servers and applications. The attacks are continuous and are terminated by the attacker or when the attacked server is able to fend it off.

DoS variants

DoS variants

Such an APDoS attack consists of a wide variety of attack patterns and algorithms that attack the mentioned systems and components. For example, a DDoS attack can be carried out at the network level, while at the same time the application level is attacked using flooding, SYN flooding, SQL injections and with Cross Site Scripting( XSS).

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