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There are various color formats and color spaces that have been optimized for specific applications. YCC is one such color space from Kodak that aims to optimize between display and printer. YCC601 is one of several color models from Adobe that optimizes the color space for displaying digital photos on displays and projectors.

In order to better implement the many color nuances of modern digital photography, YCC601 expands the color space. The primary concern is the color depth, which is relatively low for RGB at 8 bits per color. At this color resolution, color gradations - so-called banding - between two color values can certainly be detected. This is why Adobe YCC601 works with a color resolution of 10 bits, 12 bits and 16 bits for Deep Color, i.e. with a total color resolution of 30 bits, 36 bits and 48 bits. In order to be able to use the expanded color space, both the playback devices, such as BD players, and the displays must support the Adobe YCC601 color model.

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