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VF45 connector

The VF45 is an FOC connector developed by 3M. It is an SSF connector that is characterized by its compactness. The appearance, shape, locking mechanism and connection density are the same as those of the RJ45 connector.

The VF45 connector is a duplex connector specially designed for LAN applications. It can only be used in conjunction with special polymer-coated optical fibers. These fibers have the same core diameter as multimode fibers, but the cladding diameter is much smaller at 80 µm. The cladding is brought to the standard size of 125 µm by the polymer coating. The bending radius is 15 mm.

VF-45 plug-in connection, graphic: 3M

VF-45 plug-in connection, graphic: 3M

In this connector, the two optical fibers are butted together using a patented precision technique. The insertion loss is less than 0.3 dB, and the return loss is about 30 dB. The VF45 connector is widely used among end users and is recognized by Fibre Channel as an application standard.

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