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LED light engine

LED modules, LED light engines, are customized or standardized LED components with one or more LEDs or LED arrays contacted on a printed circuit board, the connection technology and the components for cooling.

LED modules consist of several LED arrays and are combined as standard components to form LED displays. The connection technology is made via the PCB to the terminals and connectors, which have to meet the electrical and mechanical demands of increasingly compact designs. This means that the terminals must accommodate a specific conductor cross-section and must not fall below the specified pitch.

LED module with four LEDs, photo: Seoul Semiconductor

LED module with four LEDs, photo: Seoul Semiconductor

As far as cooling is concerned, the junction temperature of the LEDs, which can lead to their destruction, must be dissipated via heat sinks. In LED modules, the thermal management is located on the back of the modules. Cooling by heat sinks or fans is quite crucial for the efficiency and LED lifetime of the LED modules. LED modules are specified in the various specification books of the Zhaga Consortium in terms of their shape and size as well as the interfaces to the LED luminaires.

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