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Interscattering is a new type of technology that originated from backscattering. In this technical approach, the radio signal of one wireless transmission technology is transformed into a radio signal of another technology.

For example, with interscattering, a radio signal from Bluetooth can be interpreted as such and converted into a radio signal from WiFi or one from ZigBee during transmission. Interscattering relies on existing, widely used technologies to generate signals from other technologies using backscattering.

With interscattering, specially developed components use backscattering to transform the received signal of a particular technology at its transmitted radio frequency - for example, a Bluetooth signal with a frequency of 2.402 GHz - into a WiFi signal with a data rate of 11 Mbit/s and a frequency of 2.450 GHz. This would allow the signal from a sensor with Bluetooth Low Energy( BLE) to be transmitted directly to a tablet that only supports WiFi; and this by means of backscattering, i.e. without externally supplied energy.

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