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FHSS frame

The data frame for frequency hopping (FHSS) consists of the Physical Layer Convergence Protocol (PLCP) preamble, the actual PLCP header and the user data.

Structure of the PLCP data frame of 802.11

Structure of the PLCP data frame of 802.11

The preamble is used for signal detection and comprises 80 bits, followed by the 16-bit-long Start Frame Delimiter (SFD) data field for synchronization. The header begins with the 12-bit-long PLCP packet header (PLW) in which the length of the data packet is entered, followed by the 4-bit-long PLCP-PDU SignallingField (PSF) data field for identifying the transmission speeds.

The header is completed by the 16-bit data field for the cyclic block check (CRC). The length of the user data field, the payload, is variable.

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