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EuroFile transfer (EFT)

EuroFile Transfer (EFT) is a file transfer protocol standardized by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) under ETS 300 075 for vendor- and system-neutral file transfer.

With the EuroFile-Transfer-Protocol, initiated by the European ISDN user association EIUF (European ISDNUser Forum), one has, in addition to another file transfer standard with the File Transfer Access and Management (FTAM), a uniform and system-neutral protocol for the realization of open data transfer in ISDN.

File transfer in the EFT protocol normally takes place at 64 kbit/s, corresponding to the transfer rate of a B channel. Since the EFT protocol supports channel bundling and can compress the data according to V.42bis, maximum data rates of up to 300 kbit/s are achieved.

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