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file transfer access and management (OSI) (FTAM)

File Transfer Access and Management (FTAM) is one of the application service elements for special standardized applications grouped under SASE (Specific Application Service Element). The service element enables an application process to read, write and manage files on a remote system. The transfer of entire files, file transfer, is a subset of this service element.

FTAM is a standard not only for file transfer, but it also allows access to the contents and attributes of a file on an open system accessible over a network. The essence of FTAM is the concept of a virtual filestore( VF). This model enables a unified view of different file systems. The task of the FTAM application is to map this virtual description of files to the real file system of the respective system. The FTAM services are available as service primitives. Not all attributes of a file have to be available in all phases of a FTAM activity. For example, a file only needs to be open to access its contents, but not to read its attributes.

FTAM is an OSI protocol and is specified in ISO standards 8571 and 8824/8825. The counterpart in the TCP/ IP world is Network Information Service( NIS).

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