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Ethernet over SDH (EoSDH)

Ethernet over SDH (EoSDH) combines the packet-optimized Ethernet technology with the real-time-optimized TDM method from the Digital SynchronousHierarchy

(SDH). In the combination of both techniques, the advantages should be used and their disadvantages should be avoided. The realization of the EoSDH technique includes a flexible bandwidth management with dynamic bandwidth allocation to the communication demand, the physical network separation, the delay-free data transport as well as the integration of the Ethernet interfaces

into the Digital Synchronous Hierarchy (SDH). The platform used for the EoSDH technique is based on SDH on whose physical layer Ethernet has been placed.

EoSDH offers network operators an interesting alternative to MPLS, especially since real-time behavior is available and the quality of service (QoS) can be adapted.

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