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Digital Equipment, Intel, Xerox (DIX)

In 1980, the companies Digital Equipment Corporation, Intel and Xerox (DIX) had designated the results of a joint project on an Ethernet design as Ethernet

V1.0. Compared to the experimental Ethernet, the transmission speed on the transmission medium was increased from 3 Mbit/s to 10 Mbit/s; the specification was completed and made more precise with the declared aim of achieving compatibility in heterogeneous networks

withregard to the specified layers


Ethernet frame according to IEEE 802.3 (above) and DIX frame (V2.0)

Ethernet frame according to IEEE 802.3 (above) and DIX frame (V2.0)

This specification was introduced to the Local NetworkStandards Committee of the IEEE and published essentially unchanged alongside the other standardization approaches in the first coherent status report of IEEE Project 802 as Draft B in October 1981. Almost simultaneously, the European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA) began its LAN standardization efforts. The DIX group also continued to work on completing the Ethernet specifications. As a result of the efforts to adapt version V1.0 to the IEEE drafts, the DIX Ethernet V2.0 specification was published in 1982.

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