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DIN rail

The DIN rail is a standardized mounting rail for use in enclosures and racks, distribution systems, control cabinets, junction boxes and fuse boxes.

The hardware components, which can be circuit breakers, sockets, switches, impulse relays, timers and many more, can be plugged directly onto the DIN rail.

DIN rail with hat profile

DIN rail with hat profile

The DIN rail has a hat-shaped profile, hence the name DIN rail. The different versions of the DIN rail are specified in the European standardsEN 50022 and EN 50045 in two widths of 35 mm and 15 mm and three depths of 15 mm, 7.5 mm and 5 mm.

In addition to the top-hat rail, another mounting rail is the G-rail, whose shape is reminiscent of the capital letter "G". It is 32 mm wide and 15 mm high. It is standardized under EN 50035

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