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DHTML banner

DHTML banner stands for Dynamic HTML Banner and is a special form of banner advertising. It enables the dynamic creation of animations. DHTML banners are able to dynamically leave the original banner location on the web page and move across the screen

. In a specific case, this could cause a person or product to continuously move across the entire web page and disappear at the edge of the screen. Thesame could be animated in a window, where the object moves through the window and re-enters at the opposite edge of the window after exiting


Three phases of a DHTML banner

Three phases of a DHTML banner

DHTML banners are increasingly popular in the online advertising industry because they attract significantly more attention than other banners. They counteract banner burnout or banner blindness among customers. For Internet users, on the other hand, they are often a nuisance because they can cover web page content dynamically.

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