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CFast card

CFast is a variant of the Compact Flash card that is characterized by extremely high read and write speeds. Specified by the CompactFlash Association(CFA), the memory card achieves a data rate of 450 MB/s when reading data. CFast uses the SATA serial interface, which supports a data rate of 6 Gbit/s in the SATA 3.0 version.

CFast cards are available with storage capacities of 60 GB and 120 GB. They can only be used in camcorders and digital cameras with a corresponding card slot. They are ideal for applications in which large image files have to be stored and read out quickly. This is the case, for example, in professional photography at sporting events, where the serial image sequences of digital SLR cameras are captured at ten or more images per second.

CFast memory cards from Sandisk

CFast memory cards from Sandisk

Thanks to the high data rate, CFast cards can record video in the 4K standard with a frame rate of 30 Hz, for which the data rate must be 200 MB/s to 250 MB/s. A memory card with comparable data rates is Sony's XQD card.

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