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transfer per second (T/s)

Transfer per second (T/s) or the prefixed units megatransfer per second( MT/s) or gigatransfer per second (GT/s) are units of computer technology with which the transfer rate is specified.

They are used to evaluate the data transfer rate or the number of operations in a unit of time. 1 T/s means one transfer per second, 1 MT/s means one million transfers per second, and one GT/s means one billion.

There is a direct connection between the transfer rate and the data transfer rate via the bus width. Since the transfer rate only tells how many transfers take place in a unit of time, but does not take into account the number of bits transferred in parallel on a bus, the data transfer rate can be determined by multiplying the transfer rate and the bus width. For example, if the transfer rate is 2 GT/s and the bus width is 8 bits, then the effective data transfer rate is about 15 Gbit/s. Related to the parallel transfer of one byte each, this results in a byte-related data transfer rate of2 GB/s.

While the SCSI works with transfer rates of megatransfers per second, the transfer rates from the Fronside bus, Quick Path Interconnect( QPI) and HyperTransport are several gigatransfers per second.

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