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subminiature A (SMA)

The coaxial SMA (Subminiature A) connector is a microwave connector developed by Bendix Scintilla Corp. and is used in RF and microwave

applications because of its robustness. SMA connectors have threaded closures and therefore high RF tightness, but the reflection

coefficientis higher than other RF connectors. The SMA connector comes in two versions: standard and reverse. In the standard version, the plug

has a union nut with an internal thread and a pin, the SMA socket forms the counterpart with the external thread and the calyx. In the reverse version, the reverse plug has a calyx and the reverse socket has a pin.

SMA connector, photo: media,

SMA connector, photo: media,

The standard SMA connector is designed for frequencies up to 12.4 GHz. High-quality ones can be used with most high-frequency cables up to 18 GHz, and specially designed versions are suitable for frequencies up to 24 GHz and even for cut-off frequencies up to 34 GHz, but with reduced values for VSWR and return loss. The latter is above 40 dB for the standard version in the frequency range

up to 8 GHz and above 30 dB up to 18 GHz.

SMA connector specifications

SMA connector specifications

With careful handling, SMA connectors can withstand several hundred mating cycles

without significant degradation of transmission characteristics.There are so-called precision SMA connectors that are mechanically compatible

with SMA connectors; these connectors are known as 2.92-mm

connectors, 3.5-mm

connectors, and WSMA


Standing wave ratio of the SMA and APC 3.5

Standing wave ratio of the SMA and APC 3.5

connectors The WSMA connector is a precision SMA connector made by Wiltron that can be used for precision measurements. It has good transmission characteristics up to 33 GHz and is very similar to the 3.5 mm connector.

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