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3.5 mm connector

The APC connector APC-3.5 is also called 3.5 mm connector. It can be used up to frequencies of 34 GHz and has optimum transmission behavior in conjunction with the UT-141high- frequency cable.

Unlike the SMA connector, the 3.5 mm connector is a precision connector and has air as the dielectric. The inner diameter of the outer threaded ring is 3.5 mm, the outer 4.55 mm, making it compatible with other RF connectors. The impedance of the 3.5 mm connector is 50 ohms, and the standing wave ratio is 1.05 at 10 GHz and 1.13 at 30 GHz.

If the 3.5 mm connector is connected to an SMA connector, the voltage standing wave ratio( VSWR) is less than 1.10 in the entire frequency range up to 27 GHz and is therefore lower than when two SMA connectors are connected together.

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