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silver (Ag)

Silver (Ag) is a chemical element which has the atomic number 47 in the periodic table of elements. As far as communication and transmission technology is concerned, silver is characterized by high conductivity and low resistivity (`rho`).

The conductivity of silver is between `10^5` and `10^6` siemens/cm, and the resistivity, the reciprocal of conductivity, is 0.016 ohms for a conductor cross-section of one square millimeter, based on one meter of conductor length.

Silver is used in conductor technology wherever high conductivity is required. In normal cores, conductors, stranded wires, cables and high- frequency cables to reduce the skin effect, in plugs, audio and RF connectors, on circuit boards, switching and relay contacts, in batteries as silver oxide, on projection surfaces to improve reflection and also in capacitors.

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