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silicone keypad

A silicone keypad is an input device with switching functions. A silicone keypad can be used in all electronic and mobile devices for function inputs, as well as for entering characters or special characters. Indigital cameras, cell phones, smartphones and remote controls.

Silicone keypads consist of a static or flexible printed circuit board with the switching contacts. Above this is a holder in which the modeled silicone buttons are located. At the bottom of the key cap there is a metallic contact plate. When pressure is applied to the key cap, the contact plate is pressed onto the switching contacts, thus creating a connection between the switching contacts. The operator experiences haptic feedback from the elastic silicone when the button is pressed.

Silicone Safety Mats from nh-technology

Silicone Safety Mats from nh-technology

Silicone switching mats can be modeled and produced according to customer requirements at low cost. They are resistant to moisture, dirt and thermal influences, millions of switching cycles and a switching stroke of less than 1 mm up to several millimeters.

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