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  1. In graphics, a halftone is a gray tone or color value that lies somewhere between the color minimum of a completely unsaturated color and the color maximum and maximum color saturation. These intermediate tones are what printer output is all about. To ensure that the intermediate tones can be represented continuously, various halftone processes have been developed, including diffusion and dithering.
  2. In music, the semitone is defined as one-twelfth of an octave. The frequency of the first higher semitone is `2^`(1/12) above the previous tone.
    Calculating the frequency of semitones

    Calculating the frequency of semitones

    For a frequency of 880 Hz for the a``, the frequency of the first semitone above it is `880 * 2^(1/12). This corresponds to a frequency of 932.32 Hz. The next higher semitone is again `2^(1/12) above the frequency of 932.32 Hz, and so on. Another octave towards a'' results from twelve semitones at '880 * 2^(12/12)`, so 880 Hz multiplied by 2 results in 1,760 Hz. A semitone consists of two quarter tones, four eighth tones, and 100 cents.
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