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recovery time objective (storage) (RTO)

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is the amount of time that elapses after a computer or application crash or network disruption before normal operations can resume and data can be accessed.

Recovery Time Objective is a metric that is incorporated into backup and disaster recovery strategies. It indicates how long it takes to recover lost data from backup or to provision entire systems after a crash. The RTO value is expressed in a unit of time, seconds, minutes, hours or days, and is important for disaster recovery planning( DRP). It depends on the type of business, information lifecycle management( ILM), data backup, availability and archiving. The RTO value is a cost factor that represents the startup of IT systems after a failure or the restart of production lines.

In contrast to the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is the Recovery Point Objective( RPO), which defines the reasonable loss of data.

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