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open charge point protocol (charge station) (OCPP)

The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is a charge point protocol used to authenticate electric vehicles in public charging stations. The standardized OCPP protocol is based on the Simple Object Access Protocol( SOAP) and uses HTTP.

OCPP is a vendor-neutral, license-free protocol that monitors and manages charging operations and transmits user and billing data for charging power from the charging station to the contract partner. It verifies authentication and charging authorization, start and end of charging, and charging energy. The OCPP protocol provides communication between the charging station and the Charge Station Operator 's( CSO) central back-office system. The uniform communication standard allows charging stations from different manufacturers to communicate with the central system.

The OCPP protocol is used throughout Europe and can be used in individual charging stations as well as in large charging networks. Roaming, which is supported by the Open Clearing House Protocol (OCHP), is available so that customers can also charge the batteries of their electric vehicles throughout Europe.

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