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nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NEMP)

Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulses (NEMP) are nuclear electromagnetic pulses which are generated by explosions of nuclear weapons and produce extremely high field strengths

. The interference radiation generated by NEMP pulses is so high, at 100 kV/m and more, that electronic components, devices, as well as information systems and communications equipment are endangered by them and can be destroyed. Nuclear electromagnetic pulses are short-duration, high-energy pulses that can only be limited in their effects by enormously complex protective measures for shielding, grounding and discharge. The rise time of NEMP pulses is in the nanosecond range, compared to electromagnetic pulses

(EMP), whose rise time is in the microsecond range. Inaddition, the interference spectrum of NEMP pulses is very broadband and goes far beyond that of EMP pulses.

If the nuclear explosion takes place at high altitude, it is referred to as High-Altitude Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulses (HA-NEMP).

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