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network measurement report (location) (NMR)

There are various positioning methods for mobile devices. Since the position accuracy of some methods such as Cell-ID or Cell of Origin( COO) is relatively inaccurate, these methods have been combined with other techniques to form hybrid methods.

Examples of combined location methods are Cell-ID combined with distance-dependent Timing Advance( TA), or COO combined with the TA signal and the field strength-dependent Reception Level ( RXLEV), or Timing Advance (TA) combined with Angle of Arrival ( AoA) and Cell Sector( CS).

In various hybrid methods, the field strength-dependent reception levels of the radio cells are kept in the Network Measurement Report (NMR), both those from the radio cells communicating with the mobile station and those from neighboring radio cells. From this NMR report, the position of the mobile station can be calculated in combination with other positioning techniques. Accordingly, the hybrid methods are called, for example, Cell of Origin (COO) plus Timing Advance (TA) plus Network Measurement Report (NMR).

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