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reception level (GSM) (RXLEV)

The reception level (RXLEV) is the reception field strength (X) in mobile radio systems, which is measured by each mobile station( MS) during operation and transmitted to the GSM network. The measured value is transmitted in dedicated mode, and the level is specified in decibels milliwatts( dBm).

The RXLEV value is a 6 bit long value from which a direct conversion to the dBm value is possible.

The Reception Level can also be used to determine the position ofmobile stations in GSM networks. The procedure corresponds to that of the Received Signal Strength( RSS). The field strengths of at least three base stations located in the vicinity are compared and the position of the mobile station is calculated from the received field strength and the known coordinates of the base stations.

The reception levels (RXLEV) of the surrounding base stations are recorded in the Network Measurement Report( NMR).

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