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multidimensional database (MDB)

A multidimensional database(MDB) is a database concept where data is stored in multiple dimensions. It is not limited to two dimensions, like a relational database, but to many. The MDB concept is especially optimized for Data Warehouse( DWH) and Online Analytical Processing( OLAP) respectively multidimensional OLPA (MOLAO). As query language multidimensional databases work with Multidimensional Expression( MDX).

In multidimensional databases, each individual data value is stored in a single data cell. The data cells are not only arranged in two dimensions, as in a relational database, but in multidimensional arrays.

A relational database works in two dimensions with columns and rows in which it stores the data. Accessing the data requires complex associations of many tables. The presentation and navigation in multidimensional databases follows more of an intuitive workflow that is difficult to create with relational databases. Data analysis and decision making are much easier in multidimensional database.

Multidimensional data beacons are a key technology for decision-making processes in interactive analysis of large amounts of data. They can be used especially advantageously in sales and marketing to directly use the resulting large volumes of data for logistics or further planning.

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