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A meme, meme or Internet meme is the satirical implementation of a political, cultural or social message by an Internet user, which the user posts on the Internet and which spreads virally via social networks

. Due to the rapid spread, the originator of the meme usually cannot be determined. A meme can be a distorted text, but also a manipulated photo, image or video

. Usually, they are statements said by well-known people in public, which are taken out of context and satirically distorted.

Memes of the statement '. New territory'.

Memes of the statement '. New territory'.

An example of a meme is the statement made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a visit by US President Barack Obama in spring 2013: 'The internet is new territory for all of us'. This statement was satirically textually and graphically edited many times and spread rapidly on the internet.

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