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medical device radiocommunications service (BAN) (MedRadio)

MedRadio, Medical Device Radiocommunications Service, is a Federal Communications Commission(FCC) term for the transmission of MICS data, Medical Implant Communications Service (MICS), also referred to as MedRadio Core.

The frequency range available for MICS data is 402 MHz to 405 MHz. The bandwidth in this frequency range is 300 kHz. Below and above this frequency range, 1 MHz each is available for the MEDS data, Medical Data Service (MEDS). These frequency bands between 401 MHz and 402 MHz and between 405 MHz and 406 MHz are known as wing bands and are used for external communication with analysis and control equipment. They have bandwidths of 100 kHz and 150 kHz.

While implants are monitored and supported via the MedRadio core bands, the side bands, the so-called wing bands, are used for communication with control devices that are located close to the patient and perform diagnostic and therapeutic functions.

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