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A log file is a file used to record processes that take place in computers and networks. Log files are important sources of information for recording the current situation in a network or for analyzing the user behavior of web visitors.

Log files are a list of performed activities and occurred events. They are created wherever processes are to be documented and archived in a traceable manner. Where you want to draw conclusions about transmission errors, telephone calls, faxes, e-mails, web visits or user behavior. Log files can be used at a later date to analyze errors in data transmission, the loss of data or the crash of a computer. The regeneration of lost data is also possible via log files.

Log files are distributed over the entire network and written in idiosyncratic languages and formats. To ensure reasonable management of logfiles, the criteria for doing so should be defined in a lofile management strategy. Such a strategy includes copying log files, distributing them to other systems and archiving them, which are needed for reconstruction and analysis in case of security incidents.

Log file of a retrieval statistic

Log file of a retrieval statistic

All these activities related to the management of lofiles are supported by Security Information Management( SIM), where logfile policies are centrally managed and implemented.

Logfilesof web visitors contain various information that is analyzed by means of logfile analysis. For example, the country of origin, the operating system, the browser, the plug-ins, keywords, the referrer, the date and duration of the visit, the ranking on the results pages and the target URLs. In online offerings, the log files are used to log responses to the online offering and to evaluate the efficiency and user behavior of the online presence.

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