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lane departure warning (LDW)

In modern motor vehicles, the driver is supported by various driver assistance systems. These assistance systems include lane departure warning systems. A distinction is made between the Lane Departure Warning (LDW) or Lane Keeping Assistant (LKA), also known as lane departure warning, and the Lane Change

Assistant (LCA). Both systems

, which belong to theAdvanced Driver Assistance Systems

(ADAS), monitor the lane or passing lane by means of radar, optical or infrared technology. Depending on the function, the corresponding lane assistant warns when the driver's own motor vehicle drifts out of the lane or when vehicles are approaching in the overtaking lane by means of a visual, acoustic or haptic warning signal.Lane


systems detect the lane, which they record and evaluate using camera or infrared systems. As soon as the vehicle slowly leaves the lane at a certain angle, the driver is warned. These systems work with a haptic warning via a vibration of the steering wheel. This haptic

warning assists the driver, who bases his decision and action on it. It does not take a decision away from the driver. As lane departure warning systems are designed to support the driver when driving on motorways and country roads, they only work from a speed of over 60 km/h.

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