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  1. Iteration is a consistent, repeated approach to a value or result. The technique of iteration is used in A/D converters. Technically, it is a feedback technique in which the result of one step is used as the initial value for the following iteration. This procedure is continued until the final result does not fall below possible tolerance deviations and thus cannot be improved further. Since with the iteration a fast approximation to the exact value can take place, this method is used for the approximation.
  2. In the software development an iteration describes the repeated running through of a development cycle; in the project management the repeated running through of a program increment. With the software development the individual development steps of a development phase are repeated several times around so possible malfunctions to eliminate and the internal release prepare.
  3. If a computer program runs several times through an instruction or repeats it several times a function, then with this iteration a stepwise or repeated approximation is executed. This multiple iteration of instructions is also called a loop. For the execution of iterations, there are several commands in the various programming languages: For, Do, While, Repeat, among others.
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