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iris scanning

Iris recognition is one of several biometric methods for authentication. In this process, which is highly forgery- proof and also features a low false recognition rate, the iris is scanned with a non-hazardous laser oflaser class 1.

The scanned laser image is compared with the stored reference image for authentication. The iris, the iris skin, like the retina, the retina, has sufficient distinctive features that can be used for unique identification. Iris recognition analyzes the iris features located in the colored ring of tissue surrounding the pupil. Uniqueness is reported to be 1 in 6 million.

FAR and FRR values for different biometric methods.

FAR and FRR values for different biometric methods.

Iris recognition has a relatively high probability of recognition; its false acceptance rate( FAR) ranges from 0.0001% to a maximum of 1%, which means that out of 1,000 irises checked, at most one person is rejected because their iris is not recognized.

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