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heat conductance

The thermal conductivity, given in lambda, is a characteristic value for the heat dissipation of various materials.

Thermal conductivity plays a decisive role

inheat sinks and the cooling of electronic components, assemblies and racks

, but also in the thermal insulation of buildings.

Thermal conductivity films from Fujipoly

Thermal conductivity films from Fujipoly

Thermal conductivity is expressed in watts per meter and kelvin (W/mK) and has values between 0.025 W/mK for air, 220 W/mK for aluminum and 370 W/mK for copper. In addition, there are thermal conductive foils with a thermal conductivity of up to 1,950 W/mK. This is five times higher than the thermal conductivity of copper. The thermal conductivity corresponds to the reciprocal value of the thermal resistance. The higher the thermal conductivity, the more heat is dissipated.

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