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graph database

A graph database is a graph-oriented database and belongs to the Not Only SQL databases, NoSQL. It works according to the graph theory and stores data and establishes their mapping and relationships for the queries.

Graph-oriented databases are best suited to analyze relationships between people, companies or services. That is why they are also used for data mining in social networks, among other things. They are also interesting for business applications that involve complex relationships, such as evaluating the value chain in supply chain management( SCM).

In graph-oriented databases, nodes and edges are stored, where a node represents an instance, which could be a person or an action, and each edge or corner represents the connection or relationships between two nodes. For example, in an enterprise graph, the nodes might represent the departments and the connectivity between the nodes might represent the relationships between the departments. The nodes are defined by a Unique Identifier( UID), as a set of properties. The same is true for the edges, which are also defined by a unique identifier. Included in this identifier are the two nodes for the beginning and the end.

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