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frequency converter

A frequency converter is an RF component that is both a receiver and a transmitter. The frequency converter receives a modulated carrier frequency, converts it to another frequency, which it transmits. Such a frequency converter is used whenever the transmitting conditions require it.

In terms of procedure, the frequency converter receives a modulated carrier signal. By means of demodulation, it demodulates the modulation signal and thus modulates another, for example higher or lower, carrier frequency, which it then transmits.

Such frequency converters are used, for example, in directional radio transmissions, mobile communications or broadband networks. In broadband networks, the head-end station performs the frequency conversion function and converts the content of the receive lines to the transmit lines. In mobile communications, frequency conversion takes place in the base station. Here, the uplink frequencies of the transmitting vehicles are converted to the downlink frequencies of the receiving ones.

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