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film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR)

The miniaturization of electronic devices and mobile terminals is forcing manufacturers to develop miniaturized electronic components. This trend is also evident in RF circuits such as duplexers, filters and resonators.

The FBAR (Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator) technology, introduced significantly by Agilent, meets this demand. It is a resonator element implanted on silicon, similar to the Bulk Acoustic Wave( BAW), which can be designed in thin film technology. FBAR technology has significant miniaturization advantages over ceramic resonators and is characterized by lower insertion loss, which has an impact on power consumption. In addition, it is suitable for the frequency range above 2 GHz.

FBAR resonators are used, among other things, in RF filters in mobile devices and in other radio technology applications. Furthermore, in oscillators, low- noise amplifiers, humidity sensors and biosensors for the measurement of biomolecules.

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