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feedback formular

Feedback is generally understood to mean feedback. Incommunication and online business, feedback is a response or reaction to an online offer, an online advertisement or a survey. Conclusions about the product, its advantages and disadvantages, etc. can be drawn from the consumer's reaction.

Since the time required to process feedback is relatively high and the statements have to be interpreted, forms are used for feedback which can then be evaluated automatically. Such feedback forms work with templates and fixed input fields, which are activated by mouse click. They also have pull-down menus in which the consumer can activate certain terms, as well as input fields for comments and notes.

Feedback form of the Hewlett Packard company

Feedback form of the Hewlett Packard company

Depending on the intended use, feedback forms can ask for personal data. After it has been filled out, it is emailed to the corresponding provider and automatically evaluated by the latter.

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