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expert system (XPG)

Expert systems (XPG) are computer programs that work with artificial intelligence( AI) and are geared to specific areas of expertise. Corresponding systems store expert knowledge, process it and evaluate it according to human behavior.

Expert systems are about extracting the expert knowledge that is contained in software solutions and supporting the user in his or her approach. An expert system thus provides knowledge and contributes to problem solving. The knowledge processing by software as well as the optimization of problem solutions under appropriate programming languages such as LISP are in the foreground. Knowledge-based systems(KBS) and knowledge databases are evaluated and updated depending on the situation. The data part of an expert system is a knowledge database, which contains the knowledge about a solution as rules. Therefore, expert systems are also called rule-based systems, whose control is based on changes of the rules while maintaining the programs. Such systems are used, among others, in Knowledge Based Systems (KBS).

Fuzzy logic and neural networks are used as basic methods in addition to the predefinition of problem-based system architectures.

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