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electronic fuse (e-Fuse)

Electronic Fuses, e-Fuses or eFuses, are electronic fuses designed as integrated circuits that perform the functions of conventional fuses.

E-fuses are electronic circuits that can consist of diodes, power transistors, FETs, PTCs and fuses and are housed in a DFN package or in flip-chip technology. They protect electronic circuits, systems, and equipment against overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, reverse current, inrush current, and reverse polarity, and have a low inrush resistance whose input terminal is connected to the load. These solid state electronic fuses are also known as Intelligent Power Devices (IPD).

An e-Fuse operates like a standard fuse and detects overload and overvoltage conditions, allowing the load to be shut down in the event of a voltage overload or excessive thermal load. The overload is limited via external resistors.

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