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dispersion compensation

Inoptical waveguides, dispersion leads to an undesired broadening of the signals. This dispersion is caused by the different propagation times of the spectral pulse components and results in a reduction of the transmission length.

This effect can be compensated for by using special optical fibers such as double clad fiber( DCF), dispersion compensating fiber (DCF) or dispersion compensation components such as pulse compression, which are connected upstream and downstream of the optical amplifiers and regenerators and counteract the dispersion behavior.

Dispersion compensation with a DCF fiber

Dispersion compensation with a DCF fiber

Such components are specially doped optical fibers in which the zero crossing of the chromatic dispersion is shifted. Besides the DCF fiber, the Dispersion Shifted Fiber( DSF) and the NZDSF fiber, Non Zero Dispersion Shifted Fiber (NZDSF) can be mentioned. Another method uses electronic compensation, Electronic Dispersion Compensation( EDC), in which delay filters compensate for the dispersion.

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