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desktop management task force (DMTF)

The Desktop Management Task Force (DMTF) is an association of over 300 leading manufacturers of personalcomputers, operating systems, software and central processing units, founded in 1992. The founding members include IBM, Novell, Digital Equipment, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and Synoptics. The goal of DMTF activities is to unify desktop management applications.

With the development of the Desktop Management Interface( DMI), the DMTF has set the direction for an industry standard. The DMI interface provides standardization of the management language and ensures that desktop applications can communicate with any DMI-compliant hardware and software.

In addition to the DMI interface, the DMTF has also standardized Web applications such as Web Based Enterprise Management(WBEM), as well as management architectures. Furthermore, the DMTF is increasingly devoting itself to the topic of virtualization.

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