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data management as a service (DMaaS)

Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) is a cloud service that can be used to store data from a wide variety of data sources. The DMaaS service backs up raw data and metadata from various file servers, virtual machines, Storage-as-a-Service( SaaS) and other applications.

The performance of the DMaaS service depends on how much effort the data management requires for the customer. Such a service can be installed at the cloud service provider( CSP) or directly at the customer's site. However, the CSP provider is responsible for provisioning and managing the DMaaS service and the data stored in it.

A DMaaS service stands for complete data collection and storage, storing data from all areas of the enterprise, servers, desktops, tablets, smartphones and cloud services. Backups and recovery are made much easier because there is a single backup copy of all data on the DMaaS service. Since all cloud services are independent of user location, authorized office and field staff have immediate access to all data worldwide.

By outsourcing corporate data to a central storage platform, finding data for projects and for customer services becomes much faster and easier. Moreover, from a cost-benefit perspective, such an MDaaS service is less expensive than purchasing, installing and managing a company's own storage platform.

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