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data center virtualization

Data center virtualization serves to increase the efficiency of data centers and offers flexible adaptation to different requirements and better utilization of the available resources. The concept of data center virtualization goes beyond the technology of server virtualization, since not only individual servers are virtualized, but also the computing power and storage capacities available in the data center.

Both computing power and storage capacities can be used optimally and efficiently through virtualization and dynamically adapted to requirements. Dynamic adaptation means that customers are only provided with the services and virtual resources they need at any given time. This is reflected not least in the costs.

Due to changing business processes, customer requirements in terms of the services called up, the computing power needed and the storage requirements are also subject to constant change. Virtual data centers are ideally suited to meet these change requirements. The sum of the customers and their real requirements puts the use of the resources provided into perspective. This contrasts with the classic data center, whose resources are designed for peak loads, which are, however, only reached relatively rarely.

As far as the infrastructure of virtual data centers is concerned, this relies on a flat hierarchy with few hierarchy levels, realized by means of switching fabrics, ToR switches and Data Center Bridging( DCB).

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