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compact system camera (CSC)

Compact cameras are among the powerful digital cameras that differ from digital single lens reflex( DSLR) cameras in that they use interchangeable lenses but do not have a mirror system. In English, they are called Compact System Camera( CSC) or also Interchangeable Lens Compact (ILC) or Mirror-less Interchangeable Lens (MIL).

CSC cameras are characterized by high resolution and light sensitivity and work with the more proprietary FourThirds camera standard, in which the image sensor has a size of 17.4 mm x 13.1 mm. The resolution of the image sensors, at well over 10 megapixels( MP), is therefore comparable to that of DSLRs. CSC cameras have their own image signal processors, they support light sensitivities from below ISO 100 up to ISO 6,400 and can therefore take pictures without flash even in the darkest surroundings. In return, fast interchangeable lenses are offered for wide-angle and telephoto shots and zooming with focal lengths from 12.5 mm and apertures of f2.8.

Compact System Camera (CSC) from Olympus

Compact System Camera (CSC) from Olympus

Most compact cameras have an electronic viewfinder with Live View Finder (LVF) or offer it as an option. The image to be captured is displayed on an LCD screen. Some CSC cameras support HD-qualityvideo recording in addition to digital photography. The range of functions offered by CSC cameras includes exposure control and contrast control, shutter speed control, exposure compensation and white balance.

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