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chip on glass (package) (CoG)

Chip on Glass (CoG) is a technology that is mainly used in LCD displays. In this technology, the LCD display and the chips for the LCD driver are integrated together on a glass plate.

Chip on Glass technology (CoG), photo:

Chip on Glass technology (CoG), photo:

Chip-on-glass technology offers significant production advantages over SMT technology. The displays are extremely flat, inexpensive to manufacture and easy to assemble. In addition, they can be combined with different backlights. CoG displays are ready-made modules consisting of the actual display with the driver and a flexible printed circuit board with a corresponding connector.

The relevant suppliers of such CoG modules have an enormous choice in terms of display sizes, pixel spacing, screen resolutions and connection options.

Alternative chip technologies to Chip on Glass (CoG) are Film on Glass (FoG), Film on Plastics (FoP) and Film on Board (FoB).

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