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bulk metal foil resistor

As can be seen from the name metal foil resistor, it is an electrical resistor

whose resistance value is formed by a metal foil. Mostly a NiCr (nickel-chromium) or CuNiMn (copper-nickel-manganese) metal foil is used, which is produced in an etching process and folded in on itself. The folded resistor body can be dipped in epoxy to protect it from environmental influences. Metal foil resistors are available with axial and vertical lead wires. Compared to metal film and carbon resistors, metal film resistors are characterised by low noise and are also very low in inductance. The electrons can move more freely in the metal foil resistor and thus generate less current noise.

Metal foil resistor

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Metal foil resistors are available with resistance values between a few ohms and about 500 kOhms, and in the precision versions they have extremely low resistance tolerances, ranging from 0.005 to 0.02, and temperature coefficients of 0.2 ppm/°C.

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