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bring your own technology (ByoT)

Bring your own technology (ByoT) is an IT strategy that reduces the cost of high-end equipment. In this strategy, the employee or student uses his or her private laptop, smartphone or tablet PC and is given access authorization to the cloud services of the company or university.

In the ByoT concept, the owner of the equipment is responsible for its functionality, and depending on the agreement, also for cost shares or for the total cost of maintaining the device and updating the programs. The "Bring your own Technology" strategy is modified according to the specific application and is then used as Bring your own Device( ByoD), Bring your own Computer (ByoC), Bring your own PC (ByoPC) or also as Choose your own Device( CyoD).

Regardless of who procured the device, who owns it, or who pays the Internet costs, the security management of the company or the corresponding institution must ensure secure access to the corporate network and the cloud.

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