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  1. The term binning stands for classing or grouping (to bin). Binning is a technique used in image sensors that combines multiple pixels into a larger pixel called a super pixel. This technique is also known as pixel binning. By combining multiple pixels, light sensitivity is increased and image noise is reduced, or the signal-to-noise ratio is improved. The disadvantage is that image resolution deteriorates due to the larger pixels. Image resolution decreases with the number of combined pixels.
    Principle of binning

    Principle of binning

    Binning can be done between adjacent horizontal and vertical pixels. Thus, two vertical pixels or two horizontal pixels can be combined into one larger pixel. This is called horizontal or vertical binning.
    Pixel binning with reduced image noise, photo:

    Pixel binning with reduced image noise, photo:

    Only when 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 pixels are combined into one super pixel is it full binning. With 2x2 binning, a super pixel consisting of four pixels, the signal-to-noise ratio improves by a factor of four, while the resolution deteriorates by 50%.
  2. Inlighting technology, the term binning is used for the color class division of the color temperatures of white. With this class division specified by ANSI, the Correlated Color Temperature( CCT) for white is subdivided into cool white, neutral white and warm white, with each white rangesubdivided again into twelve or more color temperature ranges. The various shades of white are identified in the CIE color space as color temperature areas with letter combinations from the bin code. For example, for cool white there is the color area UO, whose color temperature is 4,500 Kelvin and which is located in the CIE color space in the coordinates y 0.37 and x 0.35.
    Luxeon White Binning classification, diagram:

    Luxeon White Binning classification, diagram:

    With the color areas defined in the binning, light emitting diodes are clearly identified in their white tone.
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