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American national standards institute (ANSI)

The US national standards body, ANSI, was founded in 1918. ANSI develops and publishes standards. ANSI is non-profit, non-governmental and supported by more than 1000 trade organizations, professional associations and companies (comparable to DIN in the Federal Republic of Germany).

ANSI is the U.S. representative and voting member of the International Standards Organization( ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission( IEC). Members, manufacturers, research groups, other standardization bodies, and other paying stakeholders are organized similarly to ISO.

In ANSI, the X3 committee deals with information systems, and the T1 committee deals with data communications.

The X3 committee deals with various standardizations in the T10 and T11 working groups, among others.

ANSIT10: The ANSI T10 technical committee is responsible for the standardization of SCSI for communication between computers and storage subsystems.

ANSIT11: ANSI Technical Committee T11 is responsible for FC standards and for the transfer of data to and from computers and intelligent storage subsystemsANSI X3T10: ANSI Technical Committee X3T10 is responsible for the standardization of access and control equipment.

ANSIX3T11: ANSI Technical Committee X3T11 is responsible for high performance interfaces, such as Fibre Channel and HIPPI.

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